• Is the Russian economic crisis helping the Kremlin?

    Russia: Economic Crisis Signals the Beginning of End for Putinism

    The combination of Western sanctions and the collapse of oil prices is exposing deep structural problems in Russia’s economy, and it is showing the petro-state model of governance developed by Vladimir Putin is unsustainable. Yet just because Putin’s system can’t last doesn’t mean its demise is imminent.

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  • Russia is facing many challenges, some out of their control

    Russia - Caught in a Perfect Storm

    2015 might not be a very pleasant one for Russia. The country faces the worst of financial failures since 1998. The Ukraine conflict, exclusion from G8, western sanctions; a high inflation, falling GDP growth and rising unemployment had already been heating the economy. But with the falling oil prices and domestic currency losing its value, Russia got caught in a perfect storm.

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  • Russia's crisis worsens as the blame shifts to the West

    Russia's Slippery Slope

    Winston Churchill famously said of Russian foreign policy that it was "...a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma."  What people leave out is what followed.  Churchill offered an answer:  "... perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

    And so it is.

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  • Western sanctions and plunging oil are decimating the Russian economy

    Russian Economy Pays High Price for ‘Dutch disease’

    A nation catches ‘Dutch disease’, when it relies heavily on a single commodity and fails to diversify its economy. Structural weaknesses have combined with falling oil prices and sanctions to derail the Russian economy.

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  • Russia the latest power to pivot to Asia

    Russia's Focus is now a Pivot to Asia

    The United States’ “pivot to Asia” has been intensely discussed over the last years. But recently, a new pivot model has come up: the Russian Federation’s pivot to Asia. This article analyzes this topic from an economic perspective by asking: Is the Russian economy really about to shift its focus thus far centered on the European Union (EU) to Asia?

    The following events have been heating up this discussion:

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  • Russian flag held high a midst unraveling of events in Ukraine.

    Russia Counting the Cost of Adventure in Ukraine

    At the time of writing, events in the Ukraine had taken a rather dramatic turn. Russia had sent a 270 vehicle "aid" convoy to the Ukraine claiming that it is providing humanitarian assistance with the aid of the Red Cross. Red Cross spokespersons were saying that the Russians had barely mooted the project with them and they were certainly not on board, or not yet, anyway.

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  • Why Hasn't The US Sanctioned Gazprom?

    Why Hasn't The US Sanctioned Gazprom?

    As tensions between the West and Russia continue to rise over Ukraine, it is notable that no sanctions have yet to be placed on Russia’s state gas giant Gazprom. Given Gazprom's centrality to the Russian economy, it's unlikely that Putin won't react if the company does come in for Western sanctions.

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  • Will Russian Sanctions Compromise Global Energy Security?

    Will Russian Sanctions Compromise Global Energy Security?

    After a series of headline-grabbing statements about the possibility of “switching” European consumers over to American gas, the US media hastened to announce the launch of Obama’s oil and gas offensive against Russia. In reality, the EU is not prepared, neither technically nor in terms of price, to buy its energy resources from the US. It would take at least ten years to adapt even the technically advanced German energy system to work with American gas supply.

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  • Why Russia & The US Must Work Together On Ukraine

    Why Russia & The US Must Work Together On Ukraine

    Despite their current animosities, Russia and the U.S. need each other to maintain influence in Eastern Europe. For different reasons, neither side wants the crisis to continue, and each has a different read on the situation.

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  • Russia Looks East As Relations With West Deteriorate

    Russia Looks East As Relations With West Deteriorate

    The standoff over Ukraine has seen Europe and the U.S. warn Russia of economic isolation. But this is unlikely to matter, as it would only accelerate a Russian pivot towards China – with an imminent multi-billion natural gas deal set be a centerpiece of that strategic shift.

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